Shamanic Healings, Yoga and Expressive Arts

ChrisChristine uses energy from around your body to release or move energy throughout and around the body. Shamanic energy healing involves using sound and song to encourage movement of the energy. Using ancient tools that have been passed on orally for centuries.

Individual Adult Sessions:
$200 for 1.5 hour session

Each session will use a combination of counselling, expressive arts and shamanic healing techniques as required.

P1010302-1Christine has a private practice of expressive arts therapy in Squamish.
She specializes in expressive arts therapy using inter arts modalities such as painting, sandtray, gardening, sculpture, story telling, dance and music.

Individual Adult Sessions:
$200 for 1.5 hour session

Each session will use a combination of counselling, expressive arts and shamanic healing techniques as required.

DSCF1746-1Life as we know it is exalted and celebrated through so many types of ceremonies. Many of which Chris is dedicated to be there for people in their times of Love, Union and Passings.

She specializes in:

Fire Ceremonies: $250
House Clearing: $250
Death Rites: $500
Blessing Ways: $500
Weddings; $1000

IMG_0062-1Join a shamanic circle for a year that gathers each solstice and equinox for every direction of the Medicine Wheel

Through this process you will

  • Develop a Mesa, (medicine bag, altar & heart of a shaman)
  • Learn shamanic energy healing
  • Experience shamanic journeys
  • Meet your power animals
  • Build your sand painting & a variety of art modalities
  • Transform your old self through fire ceremonies
  • Receive ancient rites of the earth, stars & mountains
  • Learn shamanic breathing & shamanic yoga

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yogapod2007-540In my classes you can expect a strong, safe space to be held for you. It is my intention to foster growth for all who come to my classes. The growth may occur in the body, breath, in affairs of the world, family matters, the relationship of the self to the Self, or to the Divine. The action of this yoga is gentle, penetrating and pervasive. We will chant, set intentions, practice pranayama and asana in all classes. Each class will touch on the philosophies that yoga is built on as an offering to the students to deepen their connection to the roots of the yoga practice.

I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching yoga since 1998.  I have studied all over the world -most notably: Yoga Therapy in Pune, India for a year, Classical Hatha at Sivanada ashram, Ashtanga in Mysore, Iyengar Institute, Yin and Restorative Yoga. I hold a Masters of Arts and Psychology with a  thesis on Expressive Arts and Shamanism. I am currently a Phd student, wife and mother of three with a private practice in the healing arts.


Christine’s current Squamish YOGA teaching schedule:

TUESDAYS 7:15-8:30PM – YIN & MEDITATION @ The Yoga Studio

THURSDAYS 9:30AM-11:00AM -YIN/YANG VINYASA @ Shala Yoga Studio

THURSDAYS 7:15-8:45PM- YOGA, POWER & SPIRIT @ Shala Yoga Studio


Private Yoga Sessions are $75 per hour

P1000935Through art and play, children are allowed to think about or even change a difficult or overwhelming experience into something small enough to cope with.

A child experiences growth by playing out feelings as he or she brings them to the surface, faces them, learns to control them and abandons them. Children are given the freedom and space to express themselves in their own terms exactly as they are at that moment in their own way and in their own time. The custodial parent will be included in several sessions to foster attachment, improve the parent-child relationship, and be an active participant of change in their children.

Children’s Counselling Rates:

$100/hr…..15min with parent and 45min child alone
FaceTime or Skype or phone consultations with parents $100/hr
Family Therapy: $200/hr
Energy Treatments: $200/hr
Ceremonies: $200/hr

sliding scale is available upon request

Children, Youth and Family Counsellor Biography:

I have been working with children and youth since a teenager where I spent the best summers of my childhood at Camp Fircom! This work lead me to my life’s direction of guiding children, youth and families on outdoor expeditions with the orientation of nature based outdoor therapy. I have spent 15 years leading groups in outdoor education thru Outward Bound, National Outdoor Leadership school and private guiding. Within this time I followed the calling towards therapeutics and nature enhancing it with formal education in expressive arts therapy. I worked as a counsellor in Nightingale Elementary School at this time and mentored in shamanic healing. I finished my Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy with a minor in Psychology and opened my private practice in West Vancouver. My masters thesis was on Expressive Arts and Shamanism…linking nature based spirituality practices with modern day expressive arts therapy. I worked for five years for social change at the Howe Sound Women’s Centre as a Child,Youth and Family Counsellor specializing in supporting change for children in abusive situations and advocacy for children. Parent support was a huge portion of this work. I am currently a Registered Clinical Counsellor and supervisor. I have been in private practice serving individuals, children, youth and families since 2005, my private practice is based in Squamish with a beautiful space specializing in children. When working with children I use sand tray therapy,  play therapy and expressive arts techniques that include- puppets, masks, stories, music, painting, drawing , sculpture and land art. I work from an attachment parenting standpoint with family therapy. Any questions please ask!

riverA workshop designed for our inspiring little ones that follow the directions of the Medicine Wheel. Christine will incorporate the natural realm, expressive arts and spirit to show our little leaders ways to harness their energy in a positive light.

Children will need one adult advocate for a few hours on each day.

There are four, one day workshops throughout the year.

South Direction is April 13, 2014
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